Not in Wisconsin Anymore

Hello everybody!  It is good to get back here and update my shenanigans from over the last week. It feels as if I have been absent for over a month! Time is almost non-existant….the sun is at odds with my psyche, and the world is much larger than before.

But let me go back to where we left off:

Lets see…during our last episode, I was packing things up and learning how to suck the air out of my clothing bags.

I want to thank my hardcore sister Elizabeth for helping me organize, pack, and ship my entire life up to Nulato.  Her guidance and instruction helped me to be efficient while expiditing the hardest move I have had throughout the last 25 years.

Look at how sweet my sister Libby is. I on the other hand, am stressed beyond belief at this point.

Once all of my stuff was packed and shipped, my good friends came to visit me for a final sendoff.

Look at this cute little guy named Harvey!
Here are my friends Jerome, Jeremy, and Baz hanging with me at the “table firepit”.
Brothers’ Baz and Harvey were regulars at our fire all summer. I am really going to miss those little fellas.

One week earlier, my good friends from Ireland and Indiana came to visit us in River Falls.  How fantastic to see them, meet new friends and say “later gator” to some old friends.

Here is Ken Olson, my first mentor in River Falls with his two friends: Rod and Jenny Cordner.
Ken, Jenny and I take a group selfie.

After I said my final goodbyes to everyone I had to hurry up and finish packing, because of course, I was very behind.  Our Comcast bill is still active as a matter of fact.  I need to close that today before they close.

My LERN co-workers made me a goodbye lunch! How sweet of them. They were some of the best people I have ever worked with.
My LERN co-workers made me a goodbye lunch!

Thanks to my LERN co-workers: Leslie, Kayla, Dan, Tyler, Lindsay, and of course, Julie and Bill. Tammy, I miss you! These people gave me the best send off ever.  Love you folks!

Arriving at the Howard Luke Galee’ya Cultural Camp in Fairbanks, AK.
Arriving at the Howard Luke Galee’ya Cultural Camp in Fairbanks, AK.

I arrived in Fairbanks on Wednesday August 5th.  My new best bud, Carl Knutsen, took care of my husband and I the moment we got off the plane….but that will be another story.  Cheers everybody.  My adventure has already begun.


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